Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 17 Review: Two-Faced

Cop shows often reference the blue wall of silence.

Typically, TV cops treat internal affairs officers like dirt, band together to protect each other, and ostracize any officer who doesn’t follow the party line.

It was refreshing to see Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 17 approach this kind of story differently.

The parallels between Frank’s situation and Jamie’s were impressive.

Jamie was trying to smoke out a bad cop, while Frank was trying to get a good one to stop covering for someone else.

Sid: Statute of limitations has expired. Lenny can’t be charged. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?
Garett: He can be charged in the court of public opinion.
Frank: As can I.
Garett: You want to start working on your response?
Frank: Yes. As soon as the last spark of optimism has gone out from me.

Lenny should have known that Frank wasn’t going to give up until he had an answer that made sense to him. It would have been easier to admit that he was covering for a dead cop and didn’t want the guy’s children to see their dad vilified now that he’s gone.

Frank didn’t like it, but he accepted Lenny’s choice to fall on Mike’s sword so that this wouldn’t happen. So it would have saved a ton of time if Lenny had just told him this in the first place.

I loved Sid’s pragmatic (but wrongheaded) way of thinking about the whole issue. I’m surprised he didn’t get that Frank’s reputation was on the line whether or not Lenny could get prosecuted for his crimes.

But his plainspoken suggestion that they forget about it since Lenny couldn’t go to jail made me laugh.

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As for Jamie’s dilemma, in retrospect, it was obvious that Maya was guilty.

There was too much discussion of how her brother needed money that she didn’t have to give him for her not to be a thief. But she’s become so much a part of Eddie’s work family that the idea of her leaving the precinct in handcuffs never occurred to me.

Naturally, this had to lead to another mini-argument between Eddie and Jamie. I’m tired of them fighting over how he runs his precinct, and this was no exception.

Jamie wanted to tell Eddie and was ordered by IAB not to do so. Eddie is not a rookie and should understand how these things work and why Jamie got barred from telling her his suspicions.

Jamie: What if it gets back that I’m investigating them? I’ll lose trust, trust that i’ve worked hard to build.
Eddie: You want them to trust that you’ll always look the other way? Is that the message you want to send?

Eddie was the one who insisted that Jamie had to pursue this investigation in the first place. Did it never occur to her that someone she liked and respected could end up in trouble?

I understood why Jamie had Maya arrested in front of the entire precinct. He wanted to send a message …read more

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