Jason Sudeikis said he had a “full blown crush” on Ellen in college wile guest hosting her show. – The Inner Sane

Jason Sudeikis said he had a “full blown crush” on Ellen in college wile guest hosting her show. For Ellen’s Friday episode, Jason Sudeikis is stepping in.

It was admitted in the comic, 43 that he was a very big fan of the comedienne during his college days .

‘I had a crush on her, a full blown crush on her’ Jason revealed. ‘I thought she was hilarious, beautiful blue eyes.’

Further added, ‘At this point I didn’t have any idea that she might not be… interested in me. Or someone like me, with my physical make up,’ he bumbled.

‘You know, having some things. Lacking others.’

Moreover he said, ‘So then once I found out Ellen was gay, that wasn’t easy for me. But I moved on. There’s other fish in the sea,’ joked the husband of Olivia Wilde, who later called the Book smart director his ‘true love.’

In last, Before dishing about his crush he explained why the stand-up meant so much to him, saying: ‘I grew up idolizing Ellen, she was actually a big hero of mine…’

‘When I was in college, community college to be specific… I used to write this newsletter and I would talk about what a fan of hers I was. And I covered all the important Ellen stories of the day.’

Comedic timing was Jason’s buddy as he told audiences: ‘At that point this was in the 90s, about the big rumor that she was coming out to our college.

During his hosting gig, the SNL alum was visited by actor Max Greenfield and inspiring Do-Gooder Andre McDonnell of Brooklyn, New York.

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