Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for March 15

As most players had hoped, the latest season in has managed to revive the exotic weekend merchant known as Xur. Not only has the Season of the Drifter updated his loot pool to include Forsaken exotics, but also Bungie is now placing greater importance on visiting him each and every week with a new quest type.

Starting today, players can visit Xur to start the Invitations of the Nine questline. Each week, for up to nine weeks, players can pick up a quest item in Xur’s inventory. Every week the item is picked up and then completed, players will be able to not only learn more about the mysterious Nine, but also unlock new lore pages revealing their backstory. The Nine has been a group mentioned numerous times throughout the history of the franchise, though this will be the first time players will get to understand them a bit better.

Here’s where players can find Xur as well as what the merchant is selling and the first Invitations of the Nine quest item for the weekend of March 15, 2019.

Where is Xur?

Players can find Xur on Titan this week in his usual spot near the edge of the zone. Fast travel to The Rig to get started.

Once loaded in, start heading to the other side of the zone towards the ramp that leads to the Solarium. Before reaching that ramp, Xur can be found inside on of the nearby houses, typically on the left side if the player is facing the Solarium ramp.

Class Armor

Considering Warlocks were the only class not to receive a Forsaken exotic last week, Xur has one up for grabs this time. He’s also brought back a very popular Hunter exotic, a fun weapon, and a Titan Warmind campaign exotic.

Chromatic Fire – Warlock gauntlet

New for Warlocks this week is the Chromatic Fire chest armor that was originally introduced as part of the Forsaken expansion. This interesting looking armor comes with the Crystalline Transistor perk which causes an explosion in the element of the player’s equipped subclass after a kinetic precision kill.

Based on its ability, this armor really excels in PvE situations, especially where the user is going up against a lot of enemies where the area of effect can maximize the damage. So places like Gambit and the newly introduced Reckoning mode would be great places to wear this item. While PvP is hit or miss, some players have express success when pairing this gear up with certain weapons like the Ace of Spades or Blast Furance.

Mobility OR Recovery
Fusion Rifle Loader, Hand Cannon Loader, Impact Induction
Sniper Rifle Scavenger OR Machine Gun Reserves
Orpheus Rig – Hunter boots

The powerful Orpheus Rig boots are back on sale this week, and they remain a very powerful exotic for Nightstalker hunters. The main reason is the perk that it comes with called Uncanny Arrows. When the super is used, it provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Deadfall anchors or gives Moebius Quiver more shots.

While Spectral Blades still remains popular, these …read more

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