Brenton Tarrant Facebook Live Video Shows Mosque Shooting

An extremely disturbing, graphic live video streamed on the Brenton Tarrant Facebook page shows a casual and determined gunman who strolls up to a mosque and begins randomly and chillingly shooting dozens of people, including one man crawling away on the ground and others who were already wounded. You can see screenshots from the video throughout this article.

Be aware that some of the images are disturbing, although Heavy is choosing not to run the full uncensored video or any screenshots that show bodies in them.

The gunman inside the mosque.

Although it’s not yet clear whether that’s his real name or not, and authorities have not confirmed the identity of the active shooter or the authenticity of the video (police told CNN they were “aware” of it), the Facebook page in the name Brenton Tarrant appears to have streamed the mosque mass shooting on Facebook Live for almost a full 17 minutes. Police did confirm in a tweet that they were aware of the footage.

A screenshot from the Brenton Tarrant video.

“Police are aware there is extremely distressing footage relating to the incident in Christchurch circulating online. We would strongly urge that the link not be shared. We are working to have any footage removed,” New Zealand police wrote on Twitter. They stated that there were “a number of fatalities,” but did not provide the exact total of wounded or dead. Judging from the scenes in the video, there are likely dozens injured if not deceased.

The gunman gets his weaponry from his car.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Graphic Brenton Tarrant Facebook Live Video Starts Out With the Gunman in a Car Playing Music & Ends With Mass Murder

The shooter aims through a door into another room

In the longer version of the video, you see the shooter in his car with multiple rifles at his side. He appears to be wearing military gear. You can hear the GPS giving him directions to the mosque in the chilling video. He is wearing gloves with the fingers cut out and plays music – a song called “Remove Kebab” about ethnic cleansing – during the ride. He then walks into the mosque and coldly and randomly begins to gun people down. The images and sounds in the video are absolutely terrifying and terrible as the wounded moan and the gunman shoots at clusters of bodies in a corner over and over again.

A screenshot from the disturbing Brenton Tarrant Facebook Live video.

The extremely disturbing Facebook live video, in the name of Brenton Tarrant, shows the man walking toward the mosque through a gate and then up to the front door. You see him aim the gun at the door and start shooting a person in it. He walks past a dead body and screams erupt. He shoots several people in a hall and then walks into a larger communal area and shoots other people. Bodies lay crumpled on the ground. A man runs past at one point and he reloads. It’s impossible …read more



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