Best Trump Valentine’s Memes for 2019

Trump Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s also that time of year when people like to share Donald Trump Valentine’s memes. Here are a few that are especially popular.

— Chris Adkins (@topheradkins) February 13, 2019


Gotta have that Trump love for Valentine’s Day #TrumpRussia #TrumpValentines

— Jay Muñoz (@lifeofja) February 13, 2019


This next one might be the best.

This valentines season, get someone who looks at you the way Mike Pence looks at Donald Trump 💞💞❣️ @237Showbiz @fba237

— Gigiegilles🇨🇲 (@gigiegilles) February 6, 2019

Some people just like to prank other people with Trump Valentine’s card and memes. Then the recipients share the pranks on social media.

Jordan came n left romantic Valentine’s themed Donald Trump memes on ma bed whilst I was at work and if that ain’t love then what is ?

— Chloé Toner (@chhloeton) February 14, 2017

my brother wont stop sending me trump valentine’s day memes 😣

— Rebekah Brand (@rebeksbrand) February 14, 2017

But you’ve got to be careful where you share Trump Valentine’s memes and make sure your intent isn’t misunderstood. An MSU professor shared a selection in 2017 and had to issue a public apology. Dr. Rob La Duca, from the chemistry department of Michigan State University, is a well-respected professor. The memes were shared in a Facebook group called MSU Memes 2.0, which can only be used by people with MSU email accounts.

The four memes were Valentine’s immigration jokes, which some students did not appreciate. LaDuca wrote the following to Latino Rebels:

Yes, I made a public apology. I was so sad to have inadvertently hurt the Latinx people I support wholeheartedly against the reactionary agenda of the President of the United States. I loathe him and everything he stands for. I intended the meme to mock him and make him appear the fool that he is.

Here is the text of my apology.
I want to apologize for the Trump Valentine’s day meme. It was meant to mock Trump and his stupid policies of exclusion based on race and religion. However, some people of Latinx descent felt the meme itself was exclusionary, and for that, I humbly apologize. I am on your side and I detest Trump’s paranoid and hurtful exclusionary policies.

I also posted this:
I am happy to admit when I may have stepped over the line. I think it’s healthy to be checked when you go over the line. Lines change over time so it’s good if someone can check you and then you are grateful for having been checked.

I also called out a white student who took issue with my apology, claiming censorship of the memes group. It is the right thing to do when you have inadvertently hurt people you care about, to own it, apologize, and make amends. How can I make amends to your group? I am happy to meet and listen to your concerns at any …read more



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