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The Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) is warning the public of a fake flyer claiming to be from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which states: “Educate before you vaccinate” and lists a group of “known vaccine side effects” without providing references or citing any sources (see flyer HERE). The flyer lists among the side effects- autism, cancer and 42 others.

In addition, the website listed as is not an active website, nor is it supported by the federal CDC. The flyers are known to have been circulating through big box stores in Southern Maine. Be advised that these flyers were not issued or endorsed by the Maine CDC or federal CDC.

“Misleading flyers such as these are concerning; especially when that information pertains to something as important to public health as vaccines,” said Maine CDC Director Dr. Bruce Bates. “I encourage anyone who comes across one of these flyers to disregard it.”

Maine CDC states: In the United States, vaccines are thoroughly tested and then continuously monitored to ensure ongoing safety. Immunizing yourself and your children will help protect you, them, and your community from contracting vaccine-preventable diseases.

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