Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge Format & Rules

The first major esports competition for Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has officially begun. Bringing together some of the best Apex Legends players from both the EU and the NA, there’s a $200,000 prize pool on the line. However, if you aren’t used to watching early battle royale esports then the Apex Legends Challenge format and rules might seem confusing.

To clarify, these teams are not playing together in a single match featuring every team. Instead, all of the teams are playing online and are attempting to obtain the most points in a set amount of time. Every time a player in one of the esports team gets a kill they will earn 1 point and a victory will award them a total of 5 points.

This means if your squad gets a total of five kills during a game and wins they will earn 10 points for that match. The Apex Legends Challenge is broken up into two parts with the first half happening today and the second on February 19. Whichever team has the most points by the end their brackets four-hour window will win the game.

Here are the prizes for the top 8 teams:

1) $8,000
2) $7,000
3) $6,000
4) $5,500
5) $5,000
6) $4,500
7) $3,500
8) $3,000

Both the EU and NA brackets are separated, with the EU competition already in full swing. The NA competition will begin at 1 p.m. PST/ 3 p.m. CST/ 4 p.m. EST. Some of the players participating in this event include Shroud, Ninja, DrDisrespect, Summit1G, TimTheTatman, RealKraftyy, and Seagull. For a full look at the rosters for both NA and EU go here.

For the unfamiliar, Apex Legends is a unique battle royale game that has teams of three battling it out until one group is left. Players can pick from one of eight unique heroes and each team can only have one of each legend. There are a variety of different weapons and abilities users can take advantage to achieve victory so it will be vital for these players to manage their skills effectively.

If you want to follow the event, but can’t watch at home, you can see how many points teams are earning here.

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