‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Cast Eliminations: Who Went Home Tonight?

Onyeka and Nicole On The Bachelor

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor 2019 is full of drama, lust, accusations and … eliminations. Colton Underwood definitely has his hands full on episode 6 tonight, as he eliminates contestants and gets confronted by others. And, there’s also a contestant who reportedly decides to quit. Read on below to see who went home on episode 6 this season and BEWARE, because everything written below is filled with spoilers.

Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar Were Sent Home

ABCPictured: Onyeka and Nicole

Last week, a feud exploded. Onyeka reportedly told Colton that Nicole was only on the show in hopes of moving away from home. When confronted about the allegations, Nicole said they were completely untrue. In response, Nicole said that Onyeka has been bullying her since the beginning of the season. She also told Colton that Onyeka was spreading rumors that she was mentally unstable. After sharing information with both of the women, an argument erupted and Colton tried to get in the middle of it but left frustrated. According to ABC, the situation carried over into tonight’s episode and Reality Steve reported that both women were eliminated as a result.
Demi Burnett Gets Rejected By Colton Underwood

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Demi Burnett has been a designated villain this season on the show and she has always pushed boundaries when it comes to getting alone time with Underwood. But, tonight, she may go too far. In a preview clip of tonight’s episode, Katie says she has a plan to make sure that Underwood loses his virginity. Colton make have other plans, though. Reality Steve has reported that Demi gets dumped by Underwood tonight when she unexpectedly visits his room at night. Reality Steve stated, “Demi went to his room to talk and Colton eliminated her because his feelings weren’t the same for her as hers were for him. Didn’t want to put her through a rose ceremony when he knew she wasn’t the one, so he sent her home.”

Sydney Lotuaco Quits “The Bachelor”

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Different view than what I’m used to, but felt good to be back and supporting my mains. Love you #KnicksCityDancers 🧡💙

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Sydney Lotuaco hasn’t been a front-runner this season and perhaps that’s why Reality Steve reported she decides to leave The Bachelor tonight. Ahead of the episode, Reality Steve reported that “Sydney eliminated herself at some point during this episode at because she wasn’t feeling it with Colton and he wasn’t opening up to her.” Lotuaco wasn’t the first contestant who decided to leave the show this season and she definitely won’t be the last one …read more

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