Someone has created a button that lets your partner know you want sex without talking, and the internet is stunned

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LoveSync is a device that lets you silently and “anonymously” indicate to your partner you’re in the mood for sex with the push of a button.
A campaign to fundraise for LoveSync was launched Monday on Kickstarter, and the device has already raised more than half toward its $7,500 goal.
Users on social media are roasting the button for its purpose to “summon” your partner and intent to replace audible consent for sex.

Amazon pioneered the idea of miniature buttons that consumers press to quickly order household staples like laundry detergent and potato chips. Now, a startup has a button for couples to request another household essential: sex.

On Monday, a Kickstarter campaign launched to introduce the world to LoveSynch buttons. The buttons are designed to help partners signal when they’re in the mood for sex.

LoveSync buttons come in a set – one for each person to go on their bedside tables — so you can press it when you want to indicate to your partner that you want to have sex. If both partners tap their respective buttons during the same 15-minute “consensus window,” both buttons will emit a glowing green light so you know the other person is horny too.

Although it’s only a Kickstarter concept at this point, the LoveSync button unveiled by its creators aims for the elegant design of an Apple product of Nest thermostat, with a “CNC machined steel housing” and a capacitive touch sensor.

The device is designed to “take the luck out of getting lucky” so you can “make your move with confidence,” LoveSync’s Kickstarter campaign says. LoveSync is meant to let you know when your partner wants sex so you don’t have to risk initiating and getting shot down.

However, LoveSync’s launch on Kickstarter wasn’t met with entirely positive reactions on social media. Twitter users skewered the device for a number of its features, as well as the product’s description on Kickstarter.

I love to anonymously trigger my horniness device in the hopes that my partner has also triggered their horniness device and that the patent-pending lovesync technology finds consensus in our sexual desire spectrum ratings.

— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) February 11, 2019

At first I thought this product was totally ridiculous but basically harmless, and then I realized THEY DESIGNED IT TO USE A CENTRAL HORNINESS SERVER

— Parker Higgins (@xor) February 11, 2019

the 2019 we deserve

— Anthony V. (@fascinated) February 12, 2019

The video accompanying the LoveSync’s campaign page says you can push the button “anonymously” — which is puzzling, considering the buttons are advertised for a two-person couple.

my favorite part is that your partner “anonymously pushes the button.”


— julia 🤔 alexander (@loudmouthjulia) February 11, 2019

The two best things about LoveSync are: 1. Saying it out loud requires you to clarify “not like a kitchen sink” every time. 2. “anonymously”?????

— austin …read more

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