Eric Huska: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

eric huska

Eric Huska is a Wheeling, Illinois man who is accused of leaving his wife, Laura, to die in a hot tub after closing the lid on her head so she couldn’t get out.

The bizarre death unfolded in the couple’s back yard on February 9, 2019. “She wasn’t in any condition to get out on her own, and she would’ve had to lift the lid to get out,” said Deputy Chief Todd Wolff of the Wheeling Police Department in a statement he gave to CBS Chicago and that he confirmed to Heavy. “Initially he closed it down on top her head–she couldn’t get out.”

Laura and Eric Huska

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Laura Huska Was Suffering Distress in the Hot Tub & Couldn’t Exit It On Her Own, Police Say

Eric and Laura Huska

Wheeling police said in a press release obtained by Heavy that they responded to the Huska residence on February 9, 2019 around 6:45 p.m. “in reference to an unresponsive female victim identified as Laura Huska, 57…the wife of Eric Huska.”
She was located in the rear yard outdoor hot tub.

“Lifesaving efforts were performed by paramedics of the Wheeling Fire department. The victim was subsequently transported to Glenbrook Hospital and pronounced dead.”

A photo from Eric Huska’s Facebook page.

According to the news release, “the investigation revealed an outdoor video surveillance of the incident. The video evidence showed the victim to be distressed and was unable to get out of the hot tub on her own. Eric Huska initially attempted to help the victim out of the tub. Huska partially closed the lid of the hot tub while the victim was still in the hot tub and entered his residence. Later in the evening, Huska returned to the hot tub and found the victim floating unresponsive inside the closed hot tub.”

Eric Huska

Asked what caused Laura Huska’s initial distress, Deputy Chief Wolff told Heavy: “Alcohol and the heat of the hot tub, toxicology tests are pending, it will be weeks before those results are received.”

2. Eric Huska Posted Numerous Photos With His Wife on Social Media

Eric and Laura Huska

Huska filled his Facebook page with photos of himself with his wife. “Sweet couple” and “great picture” were some of the comments under one picture that included a filter reading “thankful for us.”

Other photos on Facebook included the couple’s garden and numerous pictures posted by Eric Huska that showed the food he made from it, especially on a grill. “Mozzarella Stuffed tomatoes with fresh basil,onion and tomatoes from garden,” he wrote with one post.

“Twins,” wrote a friend with another picture of the pair, who were wearing matching shirts in different colors in one photo on the Facebook page. In 2015, he posted a selfie of himself with Laura and wrote, “Last day in Vegas. Happy Anniversary to us!”

3. Huska Claimed He Got Up to Work Out Every Week Day at 3 a.m. & Called His Wife ‘Lovely’

Eric and Laura Huska

On Facebook, Eric Huska indicated that he lived a life focused on fitness and healthy …read more



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