Beto vs. Trump Crowd Size Photos: How Many Attended in El Paso?

President Donald Trump and Beto O’Rourke held competing rallies today in El Paso, and both events saw attendance by thousands of people. Although exact numbers aren’t available, it does appear that Trump’s rally saw more attendees. However, O’Rourke’s did report thousands in attendance, despite some misleading news to the contrary. Read on to see photos of the rallies and learn more about how many people attended. This story will begin with photos and details from O’Rourke’s event, which was held first, and then the second section will discuss Trump’s rally and the attendance. If more exact crowd estimates become available, this story will be updated with those details.

Misleading Reports Indicated Only 65 People Showed Up for Beto’s March for Truth Rally, But the Number Was at Least More than 4,000


Some reports indicated that only 65 people showed up for the event that O’Rourke spoke at, but this was not accurate. Gateway Pundit reported that 65 people lined up for Beto’s event while 22,000 lined up for Trump’s. Although Trump’s rally did indeed see a huge turnout, far more than 65 people showed up for O’Rourke’s event. The Gateway Pundit wrote, “Well this is embarrassing. Only about 25 people showed up early to see Beto.” This is misleading, however, because many of the people who attended O’Rourke’s rally also were taking part in the march before the rally. Here’s what the area looked like as people were checking in during the early stages of Beto’s rally. The photo was shared on Reddit by u/Josh_Escobear.

Perks of Living in El Paso. Checking in During the Early Stages of the Rally. from Beto2020

Here’s another crowd photo that shows the big turnout for O’Rourke’s event. (The second photo in this tweet is the accurate crowd size picture.)

How many times are we going to see pictures of rallies way before they start online with people saying there was no crowd there. Then when it actually starts there are tons of people there? Here is a live shot at the Beto rally tonight

— SamOmulligan (@LikeRepublican) February 12, 2019

O’Rourke did not organize the counter-rally to Trump’s MAGA rally. The event was hosted by the Women’s March El Paso, Border Network for Human Rights, and 45 other community groups. The event began with a march about a mile away from where Trump’s rally was held. The march led to a rally at the Chalio Acosta Park on Shelter Place, just .2 miles from where Trump’s event was held. At that time, O’Rourke delivered his message. His message overlapped slightly with Trump’s message, with parts of both happening at the same time.

.@BetoORourke marching

— Patrick Svitek (@PatrickSvitek) February 12, 2019

So just how many were at the March for Truth rally featuring O’Rourke? Gromer M. Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News estimated …read more



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