Love & Hip Hop: Remy Ma & Papoose’s Baby

Remy Ma and Papoose recently gave birth to their first child together. The rappers, who are both cast members on Love & Hip Hop, initially made point of keeping their child out of the public eye. That said, they have been more open about sharing photos and details about their daughter with fans in recent months. Learn about Remy and Papoose’s child below.

Remy and Papoose welcomed the child on December 14. The latter posted a series of Snapchats during the labor, with one reading: “Tough labor… But my wife is still fighting through it. Keep us in your prayers. The Golden Child is on the way.” According to TMZ, Remy was able to give birth naturally, but was plagued by health issues afterwards. Less than a week after she gave birth, Remy returned to the hospital due to excessive bleeding. She was given an emergency surgery that included a blood transfusion.

Remy Ma & Papoose Have Not Yet Revealed the Name of Their Daughter

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All hail THE GOLDEN CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowwwwwww I still can’t believe it. #blessed 🙏🏿 #thegoldenchild #blacklove #goldenchildchallenge @remyma Can’t thank u enough!

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Papoose posted a photo of the baby with Remy on his Instagram. “All hail THE GOLDEN CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he wrote. “Wowwwwwww I still can’t believe it. #blessed 🙏🏿 #thegoldenchild #blacklove #goldenchildchallenge @remyma Can’t thank u enough!” They’ve yet to reveal the name of the baby, and only refer to her as the Golden Child. Remy and Papoose have been open about their struggles to have a baby. In 2017, Remy penned an op-ed on Oprah’s website about suffering a miscarriage.

“When I had a miscarriage in early 2017, it was such a lonely experience,” she wrote. “None of my friends had talked about having miscarriages—it’s just not something that’s discussed publicly. And then my husband told me, ‘Babe, do you think you’re the only woman going through this?’ I was like, ‘Well, no…but still, no one talks about this stuff, at least in my circles.’ So I felt like the only one.”

Remy Has Been Open After Her Struggles to Get Pregnant & Her Miscarriage In 2017

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🤱🏾🤱🏾🤱🏾🤱🏾🤱🏾ALL DAY! Can somebody tell me how to store enough 🍼🥛so I can get in the studio ; I got so much I wanna say🔥 #TheGoldenChild #SheWannaEatEvery45Minutes 🤷🏽‍♀️#RemyMa #ImReady

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Remy went on to say that her talking about her pregnancy struggles allowed other women to confront their own miscarriages. “I was scared, and I was embarrassed. But [Papoose] was 150 percent right,” she added. “So many women have commented on my Instagram or come up to me to say, ‘Just hearing your words, seeing what you went through, I finally …read more



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