Donut Sticks to hit the breakfast menu at McDonald’s

Donut Sticks to hit the early morning menu at McDonald’s as the chain competes to win the battle of the fast food breakfasts
After months of speculation the chain confirmed Monday that donut sticks will be available on its breakfast menu from February 20 for a limited time
It’s the first time in years that McDonald’s have rolled out a baked treat for breakfast
McDonald’s has been the breakfast market leader since the 70s but lately it has encountered competition from other fast-food restaurant chains
The fried dough rods come six or a dozen in a pack and will only be available through breakfast hours

Covered in cinnamon sugar on the outside, warm, soft and doughy on the inside, donut sticks are to become the latest addition to the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

The chain made the announcement on Monday bringing an end to months of speculation that McDonald’s were planning a new item for its breakfast menu as the battle for early morning customers heats up in the fast-food industry.

McDonald’s has been considered the breakfast market leader since the early 1970s but lately things have been hotting up in the breakfast kitchens of other fast-food chains.

Other outlets have beefed up their breakfast offerings in recent years.

Taco Bell introduced a breakfast menu in 2014 and has steadily grown the number of items on offer.

McDonald’s new Donut Sticks have already been compared to Dunkin’ Donuts’, Donut Fries, successfully introduced by the chain on its breakfast menu last July.

Breakfast sales at fast-food restaurants rose 1% last year, but overall sales were flat, as reported by CNN Business .

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook spoke to Wall Street analysts earlier this year, and while optimistic about sales at breakfast, he added that the chain was losing traffic ‘at a greater level than we want at breakfast.’

However, McDonald’s Triple Breakfast Stacks sandwich, introduced in November last year, has been credited as one of the biggest contributors to sales growth in the last quarter.

The new donut sticks are a limited-time item and will be available nationwide from February 20. They come in both six-stick and 12-stick varieties.

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