Josh Woodrum AAF: Salt Lake QB Tries to Build on NFL Experience

Josh Woodrum is the AAF’s Salt Lake Stallions starting quarterback, but he has his eyes on something bigger. Woodrum has NFL experience and hopes he can use the Alliance of American Football as a way to get teams’ attention.

“When I compete, I want to compete at the highest level — and I think I can compete at the highest level,” Woodrum noted to “A lot of guys in this league are the same way. … I think everyone should want to prove that they don’t belong in this league, that they belong in the NFL and this league will help them get to where they need to be. If everyone has that mindset, I think you are going to have a very good football league.”

Woodrum played for the Baltimore Ravens, but his game appearances were limited to the preseason. During 2018, Woodrum played in three preseason games going 12-of-19 for 121 yards, one touchdown and an interception. Woodrum shined in his limited reps, but the Ravens were not an ideal situation with Lamar Jackson and Joe Flacco on the roster. Woodrum would love to be back in the NFL, but admits that the AAF may give him more of a chance to develop his game.

“If you’re not the starting quarterback, you really don’t get that many reps — especially during the season,” Woodrum told “I was very fortunate in my second year with the Ravens, when Joe Flacco hurt his back and I was able to get a ton of reps. If Joe wasn’t hurt, I would’ve never gotten that opportunity. If you aren’t a starter, you most likely aren’t getting time to be seen”

Woodrum Played College Football at Liberty University

Prior to his pro career, Woodrum was a standout college quarterback at Liberty University. During his four seasons at Liberty, Woodrum threw for 10,266 yards, 61 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. Here’s an excerpt from Woodrum’s scouting report on when he was entering the draft.

Has necessary NFL size. Steps and drives his throws. Can put the ball on top of receivers with some pace. Accurate with blitz reads and gets ball to hot reads quickly…Woodrum has enough size and arm to get a scout’s attention, but his average accuracy and lack of touchdown production relative to his passing attempts is disappointing. Woodrum might be worth grooming, but he is a pocket passer who is missing the field vision usually associated with those types of “stash” prospects.

Now, Woodrum and the Stallions will bring pro football to Salt Lake City in a state without an NFL team. Dennis Erickson won two national championships coaching at the University of Miami and is the Salt Lake head coach.

“It’s a football state, in my opinion,” Erickson noted to The Salt Lake Tribune. “There’s a lot of football in the fall. Now we’re gonna try to bring some football to …read more



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