Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen might feature built-in Camera

According to the concept, a camera lens will be located at the rear end of the pen, where a push button is now located.

It could be to allow you to write on paper using the S-Pen, while the camera records your doodles and uploads them to the cloud. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you can now use the S Pen to press the button and get yourself clicked from the smartphone’s selfie camera.

This would be the smartphone here and the S Pen would confirm that the image or picture has been taken by the camera.

Due to the thinness of modern Smartphones, optical zoom functions have proved hard to implement, with most handsets using artificial digital zoom systems that don’t always offer the same quality.

The S Pen is Samsung’s productivity tool that’s used on smartphones, tablets and even notebooks.

In the patent filing, Samsung describes a method of embedding a single lens and an optical image sensor inside the S Pen. However, I would imagine that video calls would be mildly annoying via the S-Pen camera, as you’d need to hold the stylus up for the duration of the call. The top portion of the S Pen would be the optical (!) lens with image sensor. We are in the eighth generation with the Galaxy Note 9 – remember, Samsung skipped the Galaxy Note 6 … While FIG. 4B confirms that Samsung intends to put such an S-Pen in a future Galaxy Note device, Samsung also outlines that slots could be put in future laptops or computer displays for storing the S-Pen.

With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung added Bluetooth capabilities to the S-Pen, allowing it to be used as a camera shutter button for taking photos, controlling media, and for flipping through slide presentations.

The next Galaxy Note is expected to be revealed in the second half of the year and it would be interesting to see what would Samsung do next for the upcoming S Pen. Are you using a Galaxy Note Smartphone?

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