7 things that are making it hard for you to move on after a breakup

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Getting over a breakup can be hard enough, without any other obstacles.
INSIDER consulted a relationship expert to find out what things you should avoid if you’re trying to get over an ex.
Your social circle, social media, and ruminating on the past all make it a lot harder to get over a breakup.

Getting over a breakup can be hard, especially when there are added factors making it more difficult to move on. Oftentimes, however, there are things you can avoid that will make getting over your ex a lot easier.

INSIDER spoke with relationship expert Rori Sassoon to find out what’s making it harder for you to move on after a breakup.

You and your ex are in the same social circle.

Friends oftentimes make getting over your ex worse without even realizing it. “The number one thing that comes to mind is a social circle,” Sassoon said. “The longer you’re together, the more you have friends together, and it’s so annoying when your friends say, ‘Did you see Steve? He’s there, or here, or here’s who he’s hanging out with.'”

“Depending on how tight you were as a couple, [sometimes] you can’t even go to a [friend’s] party because he’s gonna be there,” Sassoon added.

You keep seeing their posts on social media.

“Social media in today’s day and age is also a nightmare when you’re trying to heal from a breakup,” Sassoon said. “Because you don’t want to see that stuff.” Most of the time it’s better to unfollow your ex on social media or take a break, so you can take the time to really get away from them.

You’re getting stuck in your own insecurity.

“It depends on who broke up with who,” Sassoon said. She said oftentimes if you were the one broken up with, you’re thinking, “‘Am I ever gonna find someone who’s gonna treat me like that [again]?'”

“If you didn’t end the relationship,” Sassoon said, it can be easy to doubt yourself, whereas the person who did the breaking up is thinking, “‘I really have to do this for my own sanity, because I don’t like the person I’m becoming with this person.'” It’s important to remember your self-worth, and that sometimes two people just don’t work out.

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