27 unique wedding traditions from around the world


With different religions and ethnicities comes different cultures and traditions — weddings are no exception here.
In some cultures the bride’s dress is said to ward off evil spirits; in others it’s a dance or action. [Instead of referring to cultures here, could say something like "In some parts of the world”]
In almost all cultures, there’s a way for the guests to wish the newlyweds good luck in starting their life together.

In any culture, weddings are often a time for celebration, family, and tradition — but these things can look very different from one culture to the next.

In the US, it’s pretty standard to see the bride toss her bouquet over her shoulder into a jumping crowd of single hopefuls. Travel to Germany and you may find couples sawing a giant log in half or clearing smashed plates from the ground. Attend nuptials in Nigeria and you could end up showering the bride in cash.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that not everyone from a certain country or culture practices the same things.

Here are 27 unique wedding traditions from around the world.

At a traditional Filipino wedding, the bride and groom often each release a white dove.

Source: The Barn

Together the doves are a symbol of a successful marriage to come.

Source: The Barn

The guests may smash porcelain dishes on the ground at a German wedding, a custom that is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Source: BRIDES

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