‘Charlie’s Angel’s’ star Farrah Fawcett’s estate is at the center of a legal battle after ‘Storage Wars’ got her stuff

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There’s a legal battle over part of Farrah Fawcett’s estate.
Greg Walls, her nephew, says Fawcett left her personal belongings to him. He’s suing her former husband Ryan O’Neal and her estate manager for allegedly taking some valuables for themselves, according to a lawsuit obtained by The Blast.
Some of her belongings ended up on several auction sites in 2016. Around the same time, some of Fawcett’s storage units were sold on A&E’s “Storage Wars.”
The “Storage Wars” buyers say the value of the unit’s contents was much lower than expected, and that A&E may never air the episode.

Nine years after “Charlie’s Angel” star Farrah Fawcett died, there’s a legal battle over the remains of her estate.

Greg Walls, Fawcett’s nephew and a board member of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, is suing Richard B. Francis, the trustee of her estate and her former business manager, according to The Blast.

Walls says that in her will, Fawcett left all of her personal belongings to him. But he alleges that Francis — as well as Fawcett’s former husband Ryan O’Neal — misrepresented the value of Fawcett’s estate after she died so that they could take some of the belongings for themselves, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by The Blast.

According to Walls’s lawsuit, David Pinsky, a friend of O’Neal’s who was hired to organize Fawcett’s storage units, lied about the value of the items inside. Pinsky “cherry picked” items from the units to give them to O’Neal and Francis, Walls said.

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Walls noticed something was amiss when he saw some of Fawcett’s personal belongings popping up on auction sites in 2016. And on November 28, 2018, Rene and Casey Nezhoda, two regular buyers on A&E’s “Storage Wars” posted a video on YouTube where they said they bought two storage lockers belonging to Fawcett on an episode of the show two years earlier.

In the video, they said the auction was filmed for “Storage Wars,” but the value of the storage units content was less than they expected, and they suspected that some of the most valuable items had been ransacked. The two sold everything that remained at an auction house and netted less than $5,000.

“I bought several celebrity lockers in the past, and this is the first one we lost money on,” Casey Nezhoda told The Blast.

Nezhoda also said he isn’t sure if A&E will ever air the “Storage Wars” episode. After they realized all of the best stuff had been taken, he told the Blast, A&E didn’t think it was appealing.

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