Shannon Beador Exposed Having a Secret Boyfriend!

Shannon beador exposed having a secret boyfriend

At the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge claimed to have caught Shannon Beador in a lie.

Tamra claimed that Shannon had been seeing a boyfriend while filming the season, but kept him secret so she could “play the victim card.”

She lays out her claims in the shocking video that we have attached.

At the reunion, Tamra Judge lobbed a bombshell accusation at Shannon.

The former friends feuded on camera as Tamra claimed that Shannon had kept her secret boyfriend hidden.

She accused Shannon of hypocrisy, saying that she’d acted distraught over David dating so soon after their divorce but that she was, too.

In Tamra’s eyes, it looked like Shannon was trying to milk people were sympathy during her tumultuous divorce.

Also, as Gina pointed out, it looked like Shannon was hiding part of her personal life from the viewers and from Bravo.

Is this really the case? Did Shannon have a secret boyfriend?

They can’t be talking about Scot Matteson.

Scot, whom Shannon began dating this summer, was still spotted everywhere with Shannon as recently as October.

There are photos of him with Shannon and with Andy Cohen, possibly as the filming of the reunion special.

Scot is a real estate developer and is known for being a family man.

At no point did it appear that Shannon was keeping him secret, with other Housewives speaking about him publicly over the summer.

So we’ll have to look a bit further back than this.

What about Alex?

Shannon went on some dates with him during the Spring of 2018.

The two attended music events but, ultimately, things did not work out.

Some speculated that, since Scot may have been in the audience for Tamra’s accusations, that Shannon’s secret ex was Alex.

While it’s possible that Tamra was referring to him, Shannon didn’t really keep him secret.

She made it clear that she was keeping him off of the show, but she did share photos of the two of them together on Instagram.

It looks like Shannon’s mystery man was probably not someone whom she’s shown on social media.

This is a guy whom she characterizes as having “treated her like crap,” even though she had fancied him at the time.

(It sounds like poor Shannon has a type)

Shannon objected to Tamra’s characterization of this dude as a “boyfriend.”

As some women learn to their chagrin, going on a couple of dates with a guy is not the same thing as being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shannon’s relationship, such as it was, fizzled out before it went anywhere.

Tamra was being kind of ridiculous.

The whole reason that this came up was because of the discussion of David Beador’s new girlfriend, Lesley Cook.

Lesley is reportedly pregnant (and David and Lesley may be engaged), which obviously came up at the reunion.

Shannon being upset at David finding a new love by New Years isn’t somehow hypocritical if she went on some dates earlier in the year.

There are different tiers of dating.

Putting a baby in someone on purpose and taking international vacations, which David has been doing, is not the same as going …read more

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