How Christmas is celebrated in 21 places around the world

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People around the world celebrate Christmas differently.
Some people celebrate Christmas on December 25.
Others have similar celebrations on different days.

Christmas is a time of celebration and festivity around the world, and there are many vibrant and unique ways of celebrating the holidays. Of course, every individual family has their own holiday tradition, but many places have common customs.

From rum-soaked desserts to dazzling Christmas markets to live fish in bathtubs, here are the many fascinating ways that Christmas is celebrated around the globe.

People in the Philippines celebrate Christmas for five months.

The Christmas season in the Philippines lasts for almost half the year. Decorations start going up in September and the holiday fervor doesn’t end until the first Sunday in January. Many people spruce up their homes with paper lanterns called “parols” and eat a huge family meal on Noche Buena, or Christmas Eve.

Many people in Japan like to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas.

In Japan, Christmas is celebrated in a more secular way than in many predominantly Christian countries. It’s actually considered a romantic day for couples, and many Japanese families treat themselves to what has become the traditional Japanese Christmas meal: a bucket of KFC fried chicken.

One Christmas tradition in Poland involves keeping a fish in your bathtub.

Christmas in Poland is celebrated with gift-giving, church services, and watching the wildly popular film, “Home Alone,” according to Why Christmas. Carp is usually the main dish of Christmas Eve dinner in Poland.

Though most people simply buy a cut of fish from the market, it’s considered traditional for the lady of the house to keep a live carp in the bathtub for a few days before Christmas and kill it herself just before cooking. The scales from the carp are considered good luck.

It’s worth noting this tradition is also popular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Croatia, according to NPR.

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