The best baby wipes you can buy

the best baby wipes

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Baby wipes are essential for cleaning babies, of course, but they’re also ideal for all sorts of other uses, from wiping bigger kids’ hands to cleaning off tables before and after meals to attacking that spill before it sets in and stains.

Parasol Baby Wipes are our top pick thanks to their soft, cloth-like feel, their reliable moistness, and the ease with which they pop out of the pack.

Pop quiz: What are baby wipes for?

If you answered: “Cleaning a baby’s butt,” then you’re not a parent. The correct answer is … everything. Baby wipes are of course essential for infant and toddler hygiene, with the cleaning of nether regions being their primary purpose. But they are also essential for wiping hands and faces after meal times, for cleaning knees after slips and shoes after mud, for wiping down tables in restaurants before your kid eats and for cleaning up the mess made subsequently during the meal. On and on the list goes, as any parent knows well.

My wife and I keep baby wipes in both cars, every bathroom, in the kitchen, in our daughter’s room, and in a bag that hangs by the door and comes everywhere we go with kids. Also, we don’t just keep a ready supply of wipes, we keep a strategic supply.

The kitchen is always stocked with rugged Seventh Generation wipes that can be used to scrub the floor just as readily as they can clean a bottom. By our daughter’s changing pad, we have Parasol wipes on hand. In the go-bag, I usually stock MADE OF wipes. And in case diaper rash issues arise, we have sensitive WaterWipes at the ready.

This abundance of wipes — while likely madness to the childless out there — is a fringe benefit of parenting young kids. I’m never more than a few seconds away from a wipe that can clean spilled coffee, wipe down the countertops, or get the dust off the dashboard, to name but a few non-baby related uses for baby wipes.

And believe you me, it only takes one incident wherein you’ve forgotten a supply of wipes to ensure you’ll never put yourself in that situation again. Being a parent means always having good baby wipes at the ready. These are five great baby wipe brands to consider as you set up your own strategic wipe supply.

Here are the best baby wipes you can buy:
Best baby wipes overall: Parasol Baby Wipes
Best multipurpose baby wipes: Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes
Best low-cost baby wipes: Amazon Elements Unscented Baby Wipes
Best organic baby wipes: MADE OF Soothing Organic Baby Wipes
Best baby wipes for sensitive skin:

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