Check out the new trailer for Captain Marvel

Look out, Thanos: Carol Danvers is ready to rumble.

Marvel Studios just released the second trailer for Captain Marvel, which shows off a bit more of the film’s plot while still keeping things fairly mysterious. The new footage explains that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) was a military pilot rescued by the Kree, a race of aliens, and given superhuman powers. She’s missing all of her memories, but she soon begins to have flashes of her old life and goes on an adventure with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to unlock a secret in her past.

The second trailer also gives fans a brief glimpse at the film’s villain, played by Ben Mendelsohn, as well as some shots of Jude Law’s character, a Kree who sure sounds like an antagonist himself when he tells Carol that she’s “not as strong as you think.” He couldn’t be more wrong based on what comes next: a shot of Carol battling enemies in space that will surely leave Thanos, the villain of Avengers: Infinity War who will come face-to-face with Captain Marvel in Avengers 4, shaking in his boots.

Captain Marvel is set in the early 1990s, but it’s of great interest to viewers left hanging by the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. After Thanos managed to wipe out half the universe in a snap, Nick Fury used a pager to send a distress call to Carol Danvers. This film will provide her backstory and explain how she was put in the position of being the Avengers’ last hope, and she’ll then arrive in the present to participate in the final battle against Thanos in May 2019’s untitled fourth Avengers film. Before then, though, Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8. Watch the trailer below.

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