5 Best Dab Pen Options Available Right Now (2018)

best dab pen

Dabbing is one of the quickest ways to reach the level of stoniness you desire. In order to take a dab, there are a few options available, including the use of a rig or a dab pen.

Dabs consist of concentrates. Concentrates are exactly as they sound: super concentrated THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) mixed with a solvent, such as carbon dioxide or butane. This results in the sticky, smokable material you dab with. Common concentrates are wax, shatter, budder, and oil.

Dabbing is typically done with a dab rig. Rigs range from a super simple little bubbler, all the way up to an intricate, custom piece of glass. In the end, though, it functions more or less like a bong. Water goes into the base, in order to break up the smoke in the most efficient way possible, as you inhale.

Heat up the nail with a butane torch, place the concentrate on the dabber, touch it down on the nail, cap it with the dome, and you’re well on your way to riding the 420 train.

Unfortunately, dab rigs are not really portable. Like…at all. They’re pretty prone to breaking because of the intricate pieces in most rigs. So, if you want to dab on-the-go, you’re definitely a candidate for a dab pen.

Dab pens are perfect for dabbing anywhere and everywhere. They’re virtually smell-free, super easy, and a great way to get high without messing around with bud.

But if you’re potentially interested in other vaporizers, you may want to check out these weed vaporizers, and portable vaporizers.

This list is set up in superlative-style. Each capsule is designated with a certain characteristic of a dab pen. Use these headlines to scroll quickly, or dive in for more information.

Dab pens, wax vapes, weed vapes, whatever you’d like to call them, I’ve put together a slew of the best ones available. Check out my list of the best dab pens.

1. Best Multi-Concentrate Dab Pen


Since concentrates come in so many different forms, it’s necessary to purchase a dab pen that works best with your favorite wax, shatter, or oil. While you can always use a dab pen that doesn’t perfectly match your concentrate, it won’t produce the best dabbing experience possible. This puppy works with any concentrate, from a waxy oil, to high-, and low-viscosity oils.

This dab pen kit includes an Aurora vaporizer, three atomizers (Aurora atomizer, dual ceramic heating rods, dual quartz heating rods), a silicone concentrate container, a magnetic charge, five G Pro Filter Screens, and a loading tool. The dual ceramic heating rods are best for wax oils, the ceramic halo atomizer is ideal for high-viscosity oils, and the dual quartz heating rods are best for low-viscosity oils. However you prefer to dab, this dab pen is for you.

Read my full review of the Dr. Dabber Aurora here.

Price: $89.99 (10 percent off MSRP)

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