Matty Yglesias Has Deleted His Entire Twitter Feed

The progressive commentator and Vox co-founder Matty Yglesias has deleted his entire Twitter feed, on a day when conservatives sharply criticized his remarks about Tucker Carlson’s wife.

Here’s what you see now, when you go to Yglesias’s Twitter page:

Tweets by mattyglesias

Earlier today, Yglesias tweeted, “I honestly cannot empathize with Tucker Carlson’s wife at all – I agree that protesting at her house was tactically unwise and shouldn’t be done — but I am utterly unable to identify with her plight at any level.” The tweet has been deleted, but it survives in screenshots and in responses that Yglesias’s critics made to him online:

Yglesias was, of course, talking about the protest outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home on Wednesday. Carlson’s wife, who was home alone at the time, said she believed that she was experiencing a “home invasion” when the demonstrators banged on her door. The protesters, organized by Smash Racism DC, yelled, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!” You can watch the event here.

Police in DC have said they are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

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