Here’s how much each airline charges for checked bags and carry-ons

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Every airline has a different policy for luggage fees.
Some airlines, such as Southwest, allow passengers two free checked bags, while budget airlines such as Frontier and Spirit charge for checked bags and even carry-ons.
We compared the luggage-fee policies of eight US airlines.

Every airline has a different policy when it comes to charging fees for your luggage.

On one end of the spectrum, Southwest Airlines permits customers to check up to two bags for free, with a third checked bag costing $75.

On the other end, budget airlines such as Frontier and Spirit won’t let you take any bags on the plane for free — even a carry-on — meaning they might not be the smartest options for travelers with lots of baggage.

We compared the baggage fees for eight different US-based airlines to see how they stack up. Take a look at the graphic below to help you decide which airline you should take for your next trip.

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