WATCH: Grace Maria ‘Saves’ Homeless Man’s Life in Encounter With Armed Police

I literally think I just saved someone’s life… I’m shaking y’all…

— Infinite Grace🕊 (@_Guccigracee) November 7, 2018

Grace Maria of Brandywine, Maryland, uses the Twitter handle GucciGrace. In Washington D.C. Wednesday, she noticed a homeless man in a potentially deadly encounter with police who were ordering him to the ground. She began to record. But more than that, she encouraged the man named Anthony, who pleads with her for help as he believes police will kill him, to follow police commands and even helps him to do so.

“I literally think I just saved someone’s life… I’m shaking y’all…”

Her recording of the incident opens with a view of an officer pointing a gun at the man named Anthony telling him to get on the ground. Anthony tells Grace “You see him trying to shoot me? You see him trying to shoot me? I ain’t doing nothing to nobody. You saw me sleeping, right?”

The officer is repeatedly directing him to “get on the ground.” Then tells Grace to move away. She declines. He says Anthony has knives. Anthony shakes open his jacket and claims not to be armed and tells the officer that. Grace pans the camera to what appears to be a knife in the cross walk. The officer tells Anthony again to get on the ground. That’s when Grace goes from documentarian to participant. Anthony begins to get on the ground and Grace then helps him get his hands behind his back al the while officers have guns drawn and command him to get on the ground and then, roll over, roll over” and put his hands behind his back saying “relax, relax.”

Anthony, said to be in his early 20s, was profiled on Invisible People. He became homeless after his mother died of colon cancer. He was alone but wound up o the streets. He sleeps in Union Station in Washington D.C. When he gets older, his dream was to build an orphanage. And a food program for homeless kids. All his dreams, he said, in helping other kids. He said if he had three wishes he’d wish for a house, he’d give back daily to others and have “a nice job.”

Grace started a GoFundMe page to help Anthony.

Please consider donating whatever you can to help out the young man in this video. He is in his early 20s and is homeless. He sleeps in union station and his mother passed away from colon cancer. His name is Anthony and I saved his life today while I was coming back from work. Anthony wants his own place and hoes to open up an orphanage one day and to also start a feeding program. Anthony almost lost his life today but I’m glad that he didn’t. His life matters. All humans lives are precious. I used to be homeless and having people to support me literally saved my life. Please if you can, donate. Anything you can donate is enough. Love, Grace

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