Camp Fire Photos: Smoke Can Be Seen Across California from Paradise Fire

The Camp Fire in Butte County, California has grown quickly. It was first spotted around 6:30 a.m this morning, and quickly grew to 5,000 acres. By 1 p.m. Pacific, it had grown even more — reaching 8,000 acres. The fire is currently 0 percent contained, and people in nearby regions have reported seeing smoke from the fire as it drifts across the state.

Smoke Is Being Reported All Across Nearby Regions


— SJSU FireWeatherLab (@FireWeatherLab) November 8, 2018

A radar loop shows the spreading Camp Fire and the possible lofting of vegetation and leaf debris:

Radar loop from the Beale AFB 88D at the 1.5 degree tilt showing the start and rapid spread of the #CampFire. In the dual-pol data (not shown) some very negative ZDR values indicative of possible lofting of tree leaf/vegetative debris even up to 7k ft.

— Ian Giammanco (@igiammanco33) November 8, 2018

Fascinating hi-res satellite imagery of the #CampFire smoke plume in Northern California.

— Dakota Smith (@weatherdak) November 8, 2018

Here are photos from people reporting on seeing smoke in their regions. Many counties and cities are seeing smoke from this fire and wondering if it’s near their area. Marin County areas have noted seeing smoke, for example.

Marin and Napa County emergency officials say smoke from Butte Fire is impacting the area. Take a look at the smoke in Upper Lake, more than 100 miles from the flames. Video courtesy Kali Bowyer. #ABC7now

— Dan Noyes (@dannoyes) November 8, 2018

It looks like dusk in Chico because of the fire:

This image is from our traffic camera on Highway 32 in Chico. #CampFire makes it appear to be dusk due to all the smoke. @CaltransD2 @CaltransHQ

— Caltrans District 3 (@CaltransDist3) November 8, 2018

Downtown Chico covered in dark smoke. It’s similar to a total eclipse, also very cold, feels like 50° #CampFire #chico

— Matt Johnson (@Swirle13isme) November 8, 2018

Chico is covered in smoke from the #campfire

— Scarlett (@nkaylynn) November 8, 2018

The fire began at 6:30 a.m. this morning near Camp Creek Road close to Pulga, Oroville MR reported. In a few hours, it had grown to 5,000 acres and 0 percent containment, according to CAL FIRE. Sustained winds of 30 to 35 mph aren’t helping. By 1 p.m. Pacific, KTVU had reported that the fire had grown to 8,000 acres.

My view on the way to work today. Pretty much got to work and turned around as the #campfire started to roll into Paradise

— Swiss Link (@Swiss_Link) November 8, 2018

If you’re in Vacaville and see smoke, that is also from the Camp Fire.

That smoke you may be seeing (and smelling) is coming from the Camp Fire near Chico, CA…

— City of Vacaville (@cityofvacaville) November 8, 2018

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