Stephen Elliott: Writer Suing Moira Donegan Over “Shitty Media Men” List

Stephen Elliott is the writer who is suing Moira Donegan over the “Shitty Media Men” list that she initiated last year.

On October 10, Elliott filed a lawsuit against Donegan asking for $1.5 million in damages, claiming that his inclusion on Donegan’s list, as well as the “[t]he wholly unsubstantiated allegations published in the List, particularly with regard to allegations about Plaintiff, contained numerous false statements alleging criminal sexual conduct on the part of Plaintiff.”

Elliott is a writer from New Orleans. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Elliott Was Described on the List as Having a Series of Alleged Misconduct Claims Against Him, Including ‘Attempted Rape’

Women buy most literary fiction, so I guess Stephen Elliot can make the argument that his career has been hurt by women not buying his books. But you’d think he’d understand that the way to get women to buy your books is to a) write well, and b) not be horrible to women.

— Elizabeth Spiers (@espiers) October 11, 2018

According to the Shitty Media Men list, the claims against Elliott included: “Rape accusations, sexual harrassment, coercion, unsolicited invitations to his apartment, a dude who snuck into Binders???”

On the list, men accused of multiple instances of sexual violence by women were highlighted in red: Eliot’s name was in red.

2. Elliott Wrote an Op-Ed For Quillette Detailing the Ways in Which the List ‘Derailed’ His Life

Shitty media man sues creator of Shitty Media Men list

— Jezebel (@Jezebel) October 11, 2018

For Quillette, Elliott wrote ‘How An Anonymous Accusation Derailed My Life’ in September, a month before he filed the lawsuit against Donegan.

Elliott wrote,

I was shocked to find myself accused of rape. I don’t like intercourse, I don’t like penetrating people with objects, and I don’t like receiving oral sex. My entire sexuality is wrapped up in BDSM. Cross-dressing, bondage, masochism. I’m always the bottom. I’ve been in long romantic relationships with women without ever seeing them naked. Almost every time I’ve had intercourse during the past 10 years, it has been in the context of dominance/submission, often without my consent, and usually while I’m tied up or in a straitjacket and hood. I’ve never had sex with anyone who works in media.

I am not seeking to come out about my sexuality as a means of creating a diversion, as Kevin Spacey appeared to do when he was accused of sexual misconduct. I’ve always been open about my sexuality, and I have even written entire books on the topic. I’ve never raped anybody. I would even go one step further: There is no one in the world who believes that I raped them. Whoever added me to Donegan’s list, it was not someone with whom I’ve had sex.

Elliott claimed that he had trouble finding work in New York, and that although places in LA seemed less aware of the list, they would always eventually find out about it, and his television agent eventually stopped returning his calls.

3. Elliott …read more



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