Oilers already facing must-win games after two losses to open season

BOSTON — A bad six minutes, an own goal, a couple of goal posts and a puck that danced along the entire goal line but never sashayed across.

The Edmonton Oilers lost this one fair and square, 4-1 with an empty net goal, to the Boston Bruins. And if you subscribe to old time hockey lore, they lost because they haven’t played well enough to deserve for those bad breaks to turn into good ones.

But, if the Oilers can take their level of play from the final 40 minutes Thursday, and kick it up a notch Saturday in New York, they can expect a better deal from the Hockey Gods against the Rangers. Or, so we would expect.

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“They scored three goals in three minutes there and that’s all she wrote,” said Connor McDavid, whose math was just a little off. It was three Bruins goals in 5:53 that erased the 1-0 lead McDavid had given Edmonton.

“I thought we did a good job of limiting the damage. In the third period we got our looks, a couple of bad bounces, a couple of bad bounces go in our net and that’s the way it goes,” he said. “We’ve got two games left on this road trip and we’ve got to make the most of it. Not much more to say than that.”

The reality is, the Oilers have played two games and lost both by three goals. That is some distance from good enough, especially for a team that has vowed not to repeat last year’s crippling start to the season.

And then there is this stat: through the two season opening losses, Edmonton has scored three goals in total, and their captain has been in on every one of them. McDavid wheeled around a flat-footed Zdeno Chara just 3:43 into the game and scored on the ensuing breakaway, but penalties and a leaky PK nullified that advantage, as Edmonton starts its season at 0-2.

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