Jenelle Evans: Teen Mom 2 Sucks Without My Big Dumb Husband!

Jenelle dave eason

So just in case you missed this, David Eason has been fired from Teen Mom 2.

It happened several months ago after he went on an awful, homophobic Twitter rant, and MTV has refused to budge on it, no matter how much whining Jenelle Evans has done.

And it’s been a whole, whole lot of whining.

It actually took a long time for Jenelle to sign on for the new season of the show, she was complaining so much about so many things.

But at long last, she agreed to keep filming, so that’s what she’s doing now.

However, that doesn’t mean she has to like it …

1. Gross

OK, so just in case you needed a refresher, if you haven’t seen this dynamic duo in a hot minute, this is Jenelle with her husband, David Eason.

2. Basically

David is the worst.

3. Impressive

David is so awful that he managed to get fired from Teen Mom, a series that has featured people high on heroin, physically abusing their significant others, and neglecting their children.

4. Something to Consider

Think about it: how bad do you have to be to get fired from a network who has employed the likes of Jenelle, Amber Portwood, and Ryan Edwards?

5. For Real Though

Like, Farrah Abraham starred in a porno, got a DUI, treated the crew like garbage, fought with producers, fought with her fellow cast members, and they still tried to make things work with her before she left the show.

6. So …

But when David when on his disgusting little homophobic rant, MTV was done.

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