9 Best Massage Tables: Which Is Right for You? (2018)

There’s no such thing as the perfect massage table–there’s only the best table for you and your clients’ needs. Spending the time to understand all your options and find the best fit for your situation can save you from ending up with a table that only serves its purpose instead of helping you advance your career.

Your massage table will likely be the biggest investment of your career outside of your education. Usually when you’re looking to purchase one it’s because you’re just starting out in the business or maybe even still in classes and may not have a lot of earnings to throw around yet so making a careful and educated decision can save you money in the long run.

Other than your hands, your treatment table is what your clients are going to remember most about you. If your table is unsteady, uncomfortable, and unprofessional looking, it could do serious damage to your clients’ trust in you.

You can find tables out there for $60 or so, but at that quality level, it’s going to perform like a $30 table. Remember, that for companies to make a profit, they have to charge more than just what the table cost to make. Your table has to reliably hold hundreds of pounds of weight and pressure while being comfortable enough for your client to feel relaxed and safe. If you have to skimp on everything else, okay–but skimping on your treatment table can sabotage your career.

Let’s take a look at the best massage treatment tables available right now and break down the specs so it’s easy to compare.

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