Wisconsin Early Voting Statistics in 2018 Governor’s Race

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Wisconsin early voting statistics show that, as of October 10, 2018, 50,900 Wisconsinites had cast early votes in the November 6, 2018 election, and 121,910 absentee ballots were sent out, according to the Wisconsin Election Commission. That means 42 percent of ballots sent were returned so far.

As a point of comparison, as of October 23, 2014, the last governor’s race, the Commission reported: “As of midday Thursday, a total of 109,275 absentee ballots have been submitted by voters, according to clerks who track them in SVRS. Of those, 59,015 were completed in-person in a clerk’s office.” The Commission does not have 2014 data as of October 10 for a better comparison.

As of October 12, 2016, absentee statistics for the presidential election in Wisconsin showed absentee/early voting was about double what it is now for the midterms (turnout is always expected to be higher in presidential election years.) The stats through October 12, 2016 showed that 172,760 ballots were sent and 103,907 cast, as of that date, Commission data shows. That means about 60% of the ballots mailed out were returned by that date.

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In Wisconsin, voters will be able to choose whether to re-elect Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican. His opponent, Tony Evers, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, has been ahead in most recent polls, although Walker was ahead by 1 percent in one of those. There are also Senate, Congressional, and an Attorney General’s race on the ballot. You can see a state-by-state round up of early voting statistics here.

According to the October 10, 2018 report generated by the Wisconsin Election Commission: “Absentee voting reports are generated from the WisVote system, and are based on data entered by Wisconsin’s municipal clerks. The numbers include absentee ballots cast in-person in the clerk’s office (early voting).” Wisconsin law requires photo ID to vote. People who vote absentee are not allowed to change their votes.

The site adds, “Wisconsin does not register voters by political party, and the Elections Commission has no information about the party affiliation or preference of voters who have requested or cast absentee ballots.”

The page breaks down absentee ballots by county into tallies of both sent and returned. You can see early voting/absentee voting deadlines here.

Early voting has grown dramatically in Wisconsin. According to a spreadsheet provided by the Election Commission, in 1988 only 3.03% per votes were absentee. The number first started to climb in 2008, when it reached 21.60%. In 2014, 15.44% of votes were cast early in Wisconsin (the last time Gov. Scott Walker was on the ballot.)

That number exploded in the 2016 presidential election to 27.27%. Presidential election turnout is obviously much higher overall.

For example, 3,004,051 people voted in the 2016 presidential election in Wisconsin. In 2014, the last governor’s race, 2,422,040 people voted. However, more people voted in 2012: 3,080,628.

Here is the county-by-county Wisconsin early voting listing, as of October 10. …read more

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