Kelsey Quayle Shooting: What You Need to Know

Kelsey Quayle shooting

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Kelsey Quayle, an Atlanta model who was shot in the neck while driving, was left braindead in the ensuing crash, her family said. 11Alive reports that Quayle was shot as she drove her Mazda 626 along Riverdale Road in Clayton County at around 7 a.m. on October 8. A Go Fund Me page that had been set up for Quayle’s medical expenses said that on October 10, Quayle passed away.

The Paramedics Did Not Release that Quayle Had Been Shot When She Was Rushed to a Local Hospital

The 11Alive report says, citing the Clayton County Police Department, that as a result of being wounded, Quayle’s car began drifting across lanes and into oncoming traffic. Police said Quayle’s car hit a Suzuki XL-7 and a Ford Escape, before coming to a stop. The Ford flipped over but the driver only suffered minor injuries. It was only after doctor’s at Grady Hospital began working on Quayle that it was discovered she had suffered a gunshot wound. Captain Scott Stubbs of the Clayton County PD had earlier told the media, “We believe the primary cause of her not being conscious, leaving the roadway into the length of traffic.”

Quayle Had Recently Moved to Atlanta With Her Boyfriend to Further Her Modeling Career

Speaking to Fox Atlanta, Quayle’s sister, Kayleigh, said, “I just want to know who did this. It’s ridiculous. She didn’t deserve this. She was beautiful, she was the sweetest person she was humble, she was a model but she never let that get to her head. She loved everybody, everybody loved her.” Quayle had moved to the Atlanta-area, along with her boyfriend, to further pursue her modeling career. Since moving, Quayle had begun working at a dentist’s office and was on her way to work when the shooting took place.

Quayle’s Spinal Cord Was Severed as a Result of the Shooting

A different family member told Fox Atlanta that the bullet impacted Quayle’s neck which severed her spinal cord at the base of her brain which caused “catastrophic brain damage.” Quayle’s family believes that road rage may have been a motive for the shooting.

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