ImJayStation: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

YouTuber ImJayStation, whose real name is Jason Ethier, 28, is under fire after posting a video where he claims to talk to rapper Mac Miller in the afterlife.

Pittsburgh MC Miller died last month. Days after, the YouTube star ImJayStation uploaded a video where he tries to summon Miller’s spirit, and alleges he did. Miller was just 26 when he suffered a fatal overdose.

Fans were outraged over what many saw as Ethier’s exploitative video. This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has recorded an alleged conversation with a recently-deceased rapper, like XXXTenaction, and others. But for the Mac Miller video, he caught a lot of flack.

Here’s what you need to know about ImJayStation:

1. ImJayStation is Known For His ‘3AM Challenge’

Ethier’s popularity may be in large part due to his controversial 3AM Challenge. It certainly has parents hand-wringing.

A dare, the challenge has participants doing things like using Ouija board or telephone or even praying to attempt to awaken a spirit at 3 a.m. called the witching or devils hour.

Ethier uses an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) device which he says scans radio waves to find ghosts.

In the above 3AM Challenge from September of 2017, he says, “CALLING JESUS AND THE DEVIL AT 3AM!! *ACTUALLY WORKED* DO NOT CALL 666 AND 888 AT 3 AM CHALLENGE!! Today we decided to call jesus and the devil at 3am on two way calling! It actually worked and when we called 666 it was crazy. Do not call 666 and 888 at the same time at 3am in the morning and this is why! Calling god and calling the devil is sort of nerve wracking.”

2. YouTube Ghost Hunter Ethier Used a Spirit Scanning Device to Contact Miller

Even the video description upset some people but it was the fact that he was making money off the obviously bogus communication with the late rapper that incensed many.

Today ImJaystation contacts Mac Miller at 3am after his tragic death today. He uses a spirit box to get some EVP of rapper Mac Miller. Mac Miller dies at the young age of 26 and speaks about Ariana Grande during the spirit box session at 3am. For more 3am challenges subscribe to ImJayStation.”

The 14-minute video asked viewers to like the video with a thumbs-up which he says is a “prayer” for Miller. Ethier then breaks out the EVP to ‘speak’ with the ‘Blue Slide Park’ rapper. Ethier then uses captions to ‘translate’ the muffled and staticy sounds. He asks “Were you sad about Ariana Grande?”

Miller and Grande were a longtime couple. They broke up and Miller, who struggled with substance abuse and depression, appeared to go downhill after.

Ethier keeps up the questioning of the sounds coming from the EVP speaker. He asks about his reasons for his alleged suicide and then, incredibly, says he actually hears Miller’s voice say his death was a “mistake” and that he was “ok.” He stops the video when a …read more



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