10 reasons to consider adopting a senior dog instead of a puppy

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When adopting a dog, a dog’s age can often factor into your decision. Although puppies are a perfect choice for some owners, other owners could find their new best friend in a senior dog.

And senior dogs often aren’t much older than puppies— senior dogs can range from 5-years-old and older, depending on the breed, whereas puppies are often under a year old.

“It is very common to see adopters run straight to the puppies and younger dogs, completely disregarding the senior dogs for one reason or another,” Dr. Mary Mauldin Pereira, a veterinarian and professor at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine told INSIDER. “It takes a special person to adopt a senior dog, but there are many benefits to it.”

Here are some reasons to consider if you’re thinking of adopting a senior dog instead of a puppy.

1. Adopting an older dog gives them an amazing rest of their life.

“Most people want to adopt the younger pets at shelters, so senior dogs are frequently overlooked. Bringing a senior pet into your home will surely make that pet feel special,” pet expert, Erin Askeland, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA of Camp Bow Wow told INSIDER.

You could be doing a senior dog an amazing service by giving them a wonderful life for as many months or years as they have left.

“Knowing you are helping them live out the last years of their life with a loving family by their side and a warm bed to lay on will make a difference for them, and for you,” said Askeland.

2. An older dog is already fully grown, leaving less room for size-related surprises.

With most dog breeds, you can roughly predict how large your puppy will be as a full-grown dog. But, it’s not always accurate, and with mixed breeds, it can be tough to determine.

When adopting a senior dog, they’ve typically already grown to their adult size. So, there won’t be unexpected growth spurts in the future. This can be especially important for soon-to-be pet owners with limited space or particular living situations.

3. Senior dogs are typically already housebroken.

Potty training a puppy can be a stressful, time-consuming process. Most of the time, an older dog will already be housebroken. This can lead to less stress on your part and much fewer stains in your carpeting.

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