Shooting Reported at the Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, Florida

A “mass shooting” at the Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, Florida, has been reported by several outlets, as of late Tuesday evening.

We’re getting word into our newsroom of a mass shooting at @BellTowerShops in #FortMyers a short time ago. Thoughts & prayers to all involved.

ABC7 will have it as our top story at 11, then I’ll have the newest information on #Michael‘s effect on #SWFL Wednesday right after.

— John Patrick 🌦 ABC7 (@jpweather) October 10, 2018

Here’s what we know so far: the shooting seems to have occurred late Tuesday night, with Twitter users reporting 20-30 shots fired.

For now, the entire shopping plaza is reportedly closed to all traffic. Multiple injuries have been reported as well as one fatality, but those reports have yet to be confirmed.

This post will be updated with information as it comes.

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