David Eason Brought a Gun to a Kids’ Soccer Game Because Of Course He Did

There are firearm advocates and then there are gun nuts.

The former might believe that by keeping a weapon in their home or even in their vehicle, they’re increasing their chances of diffusing a potentially deadly situation.

The latter simply likes to walk around with a gun on them because they think it makes them look tough.

Guess which category David Eason falls into?

Yes, Jenelle Evans’ husband likes to flash his piece wherever he goes, even when he’s mostly surrounded by little kids.

What could possibly go wrong?

1. Angry Dave

David’s temper is well known to Teen Mom 2 fans. As is his infamous love of firearms.

2. A Dangerous Combination

The presence of firearms in the Evans-Eason household has created problems in the past, of course.

3. The Gun Show

Most notable, of course, was the bizarre incident in which Jenelle chased a stranger to his house and threatened him with a gun, all while her son Jace was riding in the passenger seat.

4. Lesson Not Learned

You might think that after an episode like that, Jenelle and David would learn a valuable lesson about publicly brandishing weapons in the presence of their kids. But no…

5. Jenelle Evans, Soccer Mom

Earlier this week, the whole Evans-Eason clan attended Jace’s soccer game. And if you think they showed up unarmed, you don’t know Dave …

6. Jenelle On Game Day

Jenelle posted an Instagram story in which she piled her whole family into the car, presumably so they could watch Jace take the field.

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