10 surprising places you can get lice

Chances are, you or your child has had head lice at least once. The annoying pest, which lives primarily on the human scalp, is common in schools and day-cares. The Center for Disease Control estimates six to eleven million infestations occur every year among children.

Children are often more commonly get lice because it’s most often spread from head to head contact. And aside from the occasional selfie or crowded train, adults just don’t get that close to each other’s heads.

Luckily for us, lice aren’t exactly the most durable creature. They can only live off a human head for about 24 hours, and they’re not able to jump or fly. You can only get them through direct contact with someone who has it, or direct contact with something they’ve recently used. Because of that, it’s actually pretty uncommon to get lice any way outside of head to head contact.

There are, however, some uncommon sources of the lice that you may not have considered. We rounded up a few.

Be cautious about hotels and temporary home rentals.

As long as linens are properly cleaned between guests, lice shouldn’t be an issue. But since we’ve all heard horror stories about the cleanliness of hotel rooms, it’s not that outlandish to be concerned.

Clean equipment before you use it at the gym.

Since lice are spread from head to head, it’s possible to contract them from shared equipment at the gym. Using weight machines, sharing yoga mats, and any contact made with others in fitness classes can put you at risk for lice, according to Lice Doctors.

Don’t get too close to passengers on public transportation.

Whether we like it or not, we have to share pretty close quarters on buses, planes, or on the subway. It’s possible to make the head to head contact with others, even if it’s unintentional. And even if you don’t make direct contact, there are still the headrests to think about. But the Lice Doctors were quick to point out that the likelihood is low.

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