What fries look like in 23 places around the world


French fries are one of those foods that tons of people love, no matter where they’re from.

Though many in the United States would assert that French fries are as much a part of Americana as apple pie, they certainly weren’t the first to invent the savory side dish. The debate is still on as to whether we have the Belgians or the French to thank for giving us a delicious way to snack on potatoes, but since they were created, people have been making them their own.

From fries smothered in gravy to those topped with meat and cheese, here’s a look at how the dish is prepared throughout the world.

Canada’s Poutine is messy, but delicious.

Canada’s signature dish of French fries doused in a rich brown gravy and squeaky cheese curds isn’t exactly visually appealing. But ask anyone who’s had Poutine and they’ll agree it’s delicious.

Masala chips are a flavorful side dish best served with barbecue.

A specialty in many parts of Kenya, masala chips are a spicy, garlicky saucy side dish that utilizes spices such as chili powder, paprika, or tandoori masala. With a tomato-based masala sauce and a squeeze of lemon, get ready for a kick of flavor.

Animal-style fries are a US West Coast classic.

Anyone who’s from the West Coast knows about In-N-Out’s delicious mess of a creation referred to as animal-style fries. Grilled onions, special sauce, and cheese bring In-N-Out’s famously average fries to a whole new level of tasty.

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