The newspaper that published the ‘angry baby’ Serena Williams cartoon ran a hit piece saying she is ‘no feminist hero’ — here’s why they’re dead wrong

Serena Williams feminism hero

Serena Williams is being attacked by an Australian newspaper.
The American tennis player recently lost the 2018 US Open women’s final to Naomi Osaka, after getting slapped with three code violations.
These violations were criticised, perhaps fairly, by The Herald Sun.
But the paper has continued a mean-spirited crusade against Williams. It has lampooned her in a vulgar cartoon, and a headline in a conservative columnist’s article claimed she “is no feminist hero.”
Here’s why they’re dead wrong.

Serena Williams is under attack.

She has been accused of going “nuclear” during the 2018 US Open women’s final by a conservative columnist at The Herald Sun, the Australian newspaper that published a vulgar cartoon grossly exaggerating her weight, lips, and nose and depicting her as an angry baby. The paper has also attempted to discredit her character.

According to the headline of an Andrew Bolt column in the paper, Williams “is no feminist hero” — but he’s wrong.

Williams has been put under the microscope for smashing a racket and calling the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos, a “liar” and a “thief” for punishing her during Sunday’s showdown against Naomi Osaka at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. Ramos singled her out for receiving coaching, which she denied. Ramos docked her a point for throwing her racket on the ground, and a game for verbal abuse when she channeled John McEnroe.

The heat of elite competition can make even mild-mannered athletes lose their cool. Just ask Roger Federer, who argued with the match umpire, smacked his racket on the ground, and lost the 2018 Indian Wells Masters final earlier this year.

Williams is not the first to do so, and she will not be the last. This happens in sport, and it was fair for The Herald Sun, in its own way, to criticise her for that.

But the publication did not stop there. It has embarked on a mean-sprited crusade by republishing the cartoon — a drawing that has been rebuked for perpetuating racist tropes — on the front page of its Wednesday edition. And it wants to tell you that her behaviour last weekend means she can no longer be considered a feminist hero, if she ever was.

Williams has suffered on-court meltdowns before, sure. She was fined $10,500 for “unsportsmanlike behavour” when she verbally attacked a lineswoman who called a foot fault during her 2009 US Open semi-final against Kim Clijsters. “I swear to God I’ll f—— take the ball and shove it down your f—— throat,” The Guardian quotes her to have said at the time.

But that was nine years ago. And an athlete, high on adrenaline, in the middle of a high-stakes and high-pressure competition can act in ways they otherwise would not. If it happens irregularly, it does not detract from what that person does off the court or the field. If that were the case, then Federer, also a racket smasher, would not be …read more

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