Kim Kardashian Refuses to Dance, Sabotaging Kourtney’s Dance Class

Kim kardashian refuses to dance sabotaging kourtneys dance class

Now that Kourtney Kardashian is clashing with Scott Disick, it seems like she and Kim are making more of an effort to get along.

In fact, in this new Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip that we have for you, Kim tags along to Kourtney’s dance class.

As you can see, however, Kim is not exactly cooperative. She insists that she doesn’t dance, and the whole thing is a disaster.

“Who’s ready to dance?” Kim asks as she makes her entrance to Kourtney’s dance class on this Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip.

Her question may be rhetorical, but there is an answer — because Kim is emphatically not ready to dance.

“I’m like a notorious non-dancer,” Kim admits. “Like, it’s a thing.”

She then says that she will be more than content to simply watch what the others are doing.

So she just sits with her back against the wall … and watches.

Kim does not budge.

When she is assured that the dance that they’re doing will be slow and not even that difficult, she remains unmoved.

Difficulty, she says, does not matter. She simply does not dance.

She jokes that she “makes money moves,” which is of course a reference to the lyrics of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.”

Kim very firmly but also very politely says “no” when people won’t let up on asking her to dance.

Kourtney sounds a little annoyed over time, in part because Kim is laughing as the dance class continues.

“Kim has this inability to let loose,” Kourtney explains to the camera.

“She’s not even moving,” Kourtney continues.

Kourtney sounds fed up, saying: “I mean, if she’s just going to sit here and critique us, then she can leave.”

Honestly? That’s fair.

Outside of reality television, you don’t normally find that many grown women who end up attending a dance class but have no intention of dancing.

This was just a stunt for the show, folks. A lot of the nonsense that they do only happens because the cameras are rolling.

It’s unclear if Kourtney’s assessment of Kim is accurate. Maybe Kim just doesn’t like to dance.

Maybe Kim’s legendary curves make dancing a little less comfortable for her, on a physical level.

Or maybe she has low kinesthetic intelligence and doesn’t pick up dance moves right away or retain them well.

Whatever Kim’s reasons, they don’t ultimately matter, because it’s great to see her so confidently and calmly asserting herself.

She’s very happy in her comfort zone and has no intention of leaving it, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, that can be the sign of a great parent. Introducing your children to new things is part of your job, of course, but some parents take that too far, and force their kids into activities that interest the parent, not the child.

If Kim is this adamant about setting a boundary with Kourtney, we’re sure that she’s teaching North, Saint, and (eventually) Chicago to follow her example.

Of course, if she weren’t on camera, she could have just avoided coming to Kourtney’s dance class altogether.

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