10 surprising things you probably didn’t know about ‘This Is Us’

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The third season of “This Is Us” premieres this month and it seems like only yesterday the world was being introduced to Jack, Rebecca, and the rest of the Pearson family. Over the years, fans around the world have laughed, sobbed, and celebrated alongside the characters on “This Is Us” as though they’re a part of the family.

But, while the TV drama will rip your heart out repeatedly, there are a lot of wholesome moments on and off the show that won’t have you reaching for a box of tissues.

Fans may think they know everything about the Pearson family and the show itself, below are a few fun facts that might surprise even the biggest fan.

1. Mandy Moore is the youngest actor in the present-day Pearson family.

Despite playing a grandmother in the show, Mandy Moore is actually the youngest of the adult actors playing her family. Moore is 34-years-old. The oldest in the Pearson family? Sterling K. Brown, who is 42.

2. “This Is Us” was almost a show about sextuplets.

Originally titled “36”, Dan Fogelman told Deadline that he pitched a feature about sextuplets that didn’t know they were related. Eventually, the script turned into the series we know it today, sans three siblings.

3. “This Is Us” is a show of firsts.

Sterling K. Brown won a Golden Globe and a SAG for “Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series,” making him the first African American actor to achieve this milestone. The show itself was the first network drama series since 2006 to win a SAG for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.”

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