The best college football tailgate in every state


About as traditional as apple pie, tailgating on game day is an American custom that many colleges and universities pride themselves on getting right.

Regardless of weather conditions or team record, a Saturday is incomplete without partaking in a pick-up football game outside the stadium while your burgers char on the grill and your beer rests inside your favorite koozie.

Some schools go above and beyond to make the tailgating experience almost as memorable as the game-winning drive to beat their longtime rival.

Here are the best schools and places for tailgating in every state. We based our list on fan ratings, interviews, and national football rankings.

Alabama: The University of Alabama

The current champions of college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide continuously draw a ridiculous amount of fans near and far to Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama residents may be split on whether their alliance lies with the Tide or fellow SEC rivals the Auburn University Tigers; however, there’s no denying the popularity of Nick Saban effect in Tuscaloosa.

In fact, these college tailgates are so legendary that this school frequently nabs a spot on the best tailgates in the country.

Alaska: The Peanut Farm

Alaska doesn’t have a huge college team, yet that has never stopped locals from following their favorite schools from afar. Located in Anchorage, The Peanut Farm has over 70 screens that broadcast just about every team in each division. The best part? They open at 6 a.m.

Arizona: University of Arizona

Gameday is a serious matter in Wildcat country, and students at the University of Arizona intend to party for as long as they can. Festivities begin a full 24 hours before kickoff with Bear Down Friday, a processional led by the marching band on University Boulevard followed by a pep rally featuring a special guest.

Win or lose, the warm weather year-round is the perfect excuse to head outside and cheer on this Pac-12 powerhouse.

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