Meet the two ex-British Army captains who plan $90,000 adventures for the super-rich in the most remote places on the planet

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Ex-British Army Captains Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll are the cofounders of Pelorus, a company which plans travel experiences for the super-rich.
The company specialises in three categories: Private Adventures, Yacht Expeditions, and Special Projects.
The trips are unique and range from a £40,000 ($52,000) Angola tribe experience to an espionage mission with counter-terrorism experts.
Pelorus recently launched a 10-day “Top Gear” style experience in Patagonia, complete with envelopes containing challenges, which costs £50,000 ($65,000).

During their time as Captains in the British Army, Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll led desert patrols and helicopter operations for soldiers.

Now, they plan rainforest camp parties, desert treasure hunts, and Top Gear-inspired expeditions for the super-rich.

The pair, both of whom were in reconnaissance regiments, met while on an operation in Afghanistan.

After serving, they went their separate ways — Mackay-Lewis becoming COO for an electronics company across Europe before moving to a post as Managing Director of high-end travel company Cookson Adventures.

Meanwhile, Carroll was appointed expedition manager for a medical research expedition conducted on Mount Everest, called XTreme Everest 2. He then moved on to become global tour manager for football club Manchester United.

“I had a slightly more eclectic career,” he told Business Insider, adding that his time with Man U involved “doing commercial deals and delivery around the world.”

“Prior to leaving I delivered the tour in the US,” he said. “It was a different side of things working with a global brand and travel at a high level — it was very demanding.”

At the same time, Mackay-Lewis was realising that there were plenty of opportunities in the world of high net worth travel.

“I was looking at what other companies were doing, and it was a no brainer that there was so much not being created,” he said.

When the pair met again, Mackay-Lewis was heading up marketing and communications for superyacht, private jet, and architecture design studio Winch Design in London.

“Having not seen each other since Army days, we bumped into each other in Amsterdam at a global superyacht forum,” Carroll said. “Our imaginations [started] kicking off.”

Together, they had experience both designing and leading superyacht expeditions around the world.

However, according to Mackay-Lewis, they thought: “Nobody is even taking them to where they should go.” He said a lot of the world “wasn’t being looked at” — so they wanted to create an organisation where they became “experts in the rest of the world outside the Caribbean/Mediterranean.”

Designing travel experiences for the super-rich

Named after a tool used to maintain the bearing of a sea vessel, they launched Pelorus in November 2017. The company plans travel experiences — such as skiing, fishing, hiking, surfing, or even tribal immersion — for individuals, families, or corporate groups using a global network of local experts, including scientists, archaeologists, marine biologists, and conservationists.

Both men are mountain leaders and advanced divers themselves, as well as fellows of the Royal Geographic Society, while Mackay-Lewis is also a paragliding pilot and skydiver.

The company specialises in three categories: Private Adventures, Yacht Expeditions, and Special Projects.

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Source:: Business Insider


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