Ariana Aubert, JD Martinez’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ariana Aubert is the girlfriend of Red Sox player JD Martinez, and has been for several years now. The two have been dating for at least five years, according to social media posts that indicate trips they’ve taken together.

There’s been some speculation about whether or not Aubert and Martinez are in fact married, or if they’re even still together. However, FagWags and PlayersWiki both confirm that Martinez is still with longtime girlfriend Ariana Aubert.

Aubert was a professional cheerleader but now works in event coordination. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Aubert & Martinez Reportedly Attended the Same High School in Miami

So proud of @JDMartinez14 for his 1st home run in Spring Training!!! #MVP

— Ariana Aubert (@Ariana_Aubert) March 4, 2012

According to Players Wiki, Aubert and Martinez both attended Flanagan High School in Miami, Martinez a year older than Aubert. However, it’s unclear whether they began dating in high school, or shortly after.

Aubert’s Instagram is now on private, but her Twitter indicates that they’ve been dating as early as 2012.

2. Aubert Was a Cheerleader for the Dolphins for Five Years

In the inside of Lindy’s Sports Magazine w/ two of my PBC Sisters @Ariana_Aubert & @brookebailey21

— Danielle D. Flanagan (@DFlan114) June 5, 2012

Aubert was a professional cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins for six years, crowning off her career with a cover to the 2011 Miami Dolphins cheerleaders’ calendar.

3. After Cheerleading, Aubert Became an Event Coordinator For the Dolphins

Tune into WFOR @ 7pm to watch the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders compete in the Dominican!! #MDCheer #teamorange

— Ariana Aubert (@Ariana_Aubert) June 16, 2012

After she finished cheerleading for the Dolphins, Aubert became an event coordinator for the organization, working in that role for five years. It’s unclear whether she’s still in this role.

Aubert’s education set her up for the event coordinating position: the Sun Sentinel reports that Aubert studied communications and public relations at Florida Atlantic University.

As part of her role as event coordinator, Aubert was in charge of deciding which girls made the annual calendar. To The Sentinel, Aubert said, “Every guy’s dream, right?”

4. In Addition to Being a Dolphins Cheerleader, Aubert Was Also a Red Bull Wings Team Member

Check out! Sneak peek…

— Ariana Aubert (@Ariana_Aubert) July 22, 2012

Aubert was a member of the Red Bull Wings Team, which is akin to being a brand ambassador. Her LinkedIn page shows that she worked for Red Bull for four years.

5. Aubert’s LinkedIn Shows That She Currently Lives in Fort Lauderdale

Houston here I come!!!! @JDMartinez14 #houstonastros

— Ariana Aubert (@Ariana_Aubert) May 24, 2013

Aubert’s LinkedIn reveals that she currently lives in Fort Lauderdale and works for A1 Medical Imaging, and has been since November 2017. Her role is described as “Med-Legal Marketing/Sales.”

Since Aubert’s social media footprint is so small, it’s difficult to confirm that she and Martinez are still together. However, all publications reporting …read more



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