Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a Supreme Court Justice for 25 years — here’s a look at the trailblazer’s life and career

The Notorious RBG.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a left-leaning Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. And a a pop culture icon.
She has been on the Supreme Court for 25 years.
Here’s how she went from the daughter of an immigrant without a high school degree to one of the most important legal influences of her time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent decades as a trailblazer in gender equality law before she became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court — and a pop culture icon.

She’s been on the nation’s highest court for exactly 25 years, ever since she took her oath on August 10, 1993.

Keep reading below to find out more about how the daughter of an immigrant in the fur business became one of the most important legal influences of her time.

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Joan Ruth Bader was born in 1933 in Brooklyn. She became known by her middle name because there were too many “Joans” in her elementary school.

Source: Achievement, “My Own Words”

Ruth’s father, who was born in Russia and never attended high school, worked in fur. Her mother, Celia, was highly intellectual but wasn’t able to attend college or pursue her own career.

Source: Achievement

Celia took Ruth to the library every week and encouraged a love of education in her daughter. But, after struggling with cancer for years, Celia died before Ruth graduated from high school.

Source: Achievement

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