Lesleigh Franklin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lesleigh Franklin is an Oakland psychologist who was caught on camera threatening and allegedly mocking a group of Spanish-speaking people outside her home.

Jordan Cordova filmed the whole event and then posted it to Facebook, where it has been viewed over 280,000 times. In the Facebook post, Cordova wrote,

“On Saturday August 4th, my family and I were on our way to a party. So we parked on public parking, in front of the white womans house in this video. This woman began to confront us and began yelling at us without reason. Keep in mind that as soon as I saw her come out of her home, I sincerely asked her why she wanted us to leave. Never did i disrespect her in any way. She wanted us to leave, as we refused she approached our car and tried to open the doors. That’s when I began recording because we felt attacked and we know these situations have happened already to black and brown people because of how we look. This woman targeted us AND even questioned our status in this country. I ask people to share and find who this women who claims is immigrants attorney.”

Franklin told Cordova’s family that she was an immigration attorney, when in fact she is nothing of the sort. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Franklin was Filmed Outside of Her Home After She Asked a Spanish Family to Move Their Car

The incident (which is shown in the video above) allegedly occurred when Jordan Cordova parked his car with his family on the street outside of Franklin’s home. They became involved in an argument in which Cordova said he didn’t understand what her issue was with their car being parked there, and Franklin replied, “I don’t have to tell you.”

Franklin proceeded to tell them that she was an immigration attorney, and that she didn’t want to call the cops because they would “take” them.

“Go ahead and call the police,” Cordova said, “Go ahead and call the police and do whatever you’d like. This is public parking and I don’t know what your issue is.”

Cordorva added, “We’re simply parking here. We’re not invading your property. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

2. Franklin Lied About Being an Immigration Attorney — She’s Actually a Psychologist

We need action. We have Dr. Lesleigh Franklin, who works for East Bay Family Institue. Who lied about being a immigration lawyer and threatened to call ICE on a family who simply parking on a public street #BlackTwitter #ParkingNancy #BlackTwitter pic.twitter.com/WKpIsqW0WD

— SlaywTheBeyhive (@complicted_leo) August 9, 2018

Franklin is the head and founder of the East Bay Family Institute, which is an Oakland-based center that offers mental health services and works alongside the immigrant community.

Franklin has since stepped down from her position, because, according to co-founder Marisol Reyna via San Francisco Chronicle, “based on the current situation … it’s not appropriate for someone to run it who’s under so much scrutiny.”

3. Franklin Allegedly Tried to Open Cordova’s Car, …read more

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