40 Festival & Rave Accessories: The Best of 2018

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Adding in the perfect rave accessories makes or breaks your whole festival outfit. Sure, there are plenty of sick pieces of clothing…but are they really that sick without the proper add-ons?

Thanks to this ever-present question, we’ve put together a list of the best festival accessories on the planet. And, we’ve determined the Pineapple Crossbody Bag is the overall best choice, thanks to its price and versatility.

Over the years, raves have significantly increased in popularity. They’re no longer solely underground acid house movement shows. Instead, they’re often coupled with music festivals, and other EDM-esque events.

In other words, rave wear has transformed from just neon-colored hot pants and fluffies. Nowadays, it encompasses everything from hippie-type clothes, to ultra-sexy cut-out bottoms.

So, it should come as no surprise rave accessories have evolved in the same capacity. This list includes everything from the classics, up to what’s trendy for the festival season.

With that in mind, this guide has been broken up into the following categories:


And, we know how important budget is. That’s why each section is set-up with the least-expensive accessory in the first slot, and the most-expensive one in the last slot.

Keep in mind, this post is geared towards women’s accessories. BUT, that doesn’t mean men and enbys can’t also rock any featured pieces.

If you’re hoping for information that focuses on guy’s clothes, though, peruse this guide to festival clothing for men, in addition to these sweatpant shorts by Nike.

We’ve covered all of our obligatory introduction bases. Now it’s time to find out where to buy rave accessories. You ready to up your levels of festival fashion? Let’s get to scrollin’!

Rave Leg Accessories

Many accessories at a festival aren’t just for the face and head. Instead, there are plenty of leg decorations to add a twist on your look, keep you warm, or even upgrade the level of sexiness.

Great to pair with bodysuits and shorts.

1. Fishnets


When it comes to raves, there’s a good chance you don’t think of “hosiery”. After all, pantyhose and tights just don’t really fit the vibe.

You’re totally correct. BUT, don’t forget about the fabulous festival accessory, that are fishnets.

Regardless of the time of year you’re attending a show, you’re bound to find a number of people rocking a pair of these. Jump in on the fashion, with these akiido Fishnet Stockings.

This particular pair has extra-large cut-outs, giving your legs a slim, sexy appearance. You might fall so in love, you incorporate them into your everyday style.

They’re held up with an elastic waist. Keep in mind, they will feel slightly uncomfortable for the first minute, then will stretch to your body’s size–you won’t notice them after that.

One-size should fit most, as they’re designed to fit a wide range of people:

Heights between 5′ and 5’10
Weights between 100 – 175 pounds

If you end up ripping them at the show, you’ll only up the level-of-coolness.

Pair with: denim shorts and a crop top, under a dress, or with …read more

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