Younes Bendjima: Tired of Playing Boy-Toy for Kourtney Kardashian!

Hot Kourtney and Younes Bendjima

Younes Bendjima may enjoy hot cougar sex with Kourtney Kardashian, but the boy-toy turned boyfriend is apparently growing a little restless under the famous MILF.

Under her shadow, we mean.

A report says that Younes is trying to make a name for himself on his own terms — without Kourtney.

A source tells RadarOnline that Younes Bendjima is eager to prove himself as a model without just riding her coattails.

“Younes was modeling before he met Kourtney,” the insider mentions.

That is absolutely true. Like her ex, Scott Disick, Kourtney seems to have a thing for young, hot models. In her case, just one in particular.

The source absolutely acknowledges: “and being her boyfriend has definitely given him a bigger star status.”

Younes is well aware of that.

But it sounds like it’s not quite enough for him.

“He’s had a lot of offers rolling in because of that,” the insider states.

That’s no surprise. He’s practically a household name — at least, in homes where people are familiar with the intricate workings of the Kardashian clan.

Younes sees these offers, the source says, “and wants to use this time to turn his dream of becoming a male supermodel into reality.”

This time, we take it, refers to his youth. Modeling is not one of those careers that gets easier over time.

He’s not going to be a hot young thing forever, unfortunately. He wants to have his romance while also getting serious about his career.

Sadly, it sounds like Kourtney is less than enthusiastic about this.

“Kourtney would rather he focused on being with her,” the insider reports.

On the one hand, that sounds selfish. No one should be asked to choose between love and their career.

On the other hand, you can imagine how Kourtney might feel. She gave years to Scott, only for him to move on to younger pastures. She can’t want history to repeat itself.

Besides, Kourtney is said to feel like Younes already has enough of a boost.

The source says: “She thinks he should be grateful to her for all the attention and Instagram followers he’s getting.”

But it sounds like the boy-toy game, even though their romance is real, has gotten old.

“Younes has made it clear that he’s tired of being Kourtney’s glorified escort,” the insider reveals.

He must feel like a prized show dog at times, with Kourtney flaunting him and his hot body on social media.

Younes is ready for change, the source says, “and he wants to focus on turning himself into a huge star.”

She’s a Kardashian. She — and especially a few of her sisters and definitely her mom — could make Younes’ career dreams happen.

Younes doesn’t sound like he’ll be easily deterred in his pursuit of his supermodeling dreams.

The insider says that he’s going to try to launch his career to the next level — and he’ll do it “no matter what she thinks.”

But hopefully he’ll do it with her blessing — and the full support of her, her brand, and her very influential family.

As for Kourtney’s worries … well, she has …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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