LISTEN: LeSean McCoy’s Ex-Girlfriend’s 911 Call After Home Invasion

On Thursday afternoon, Milton Police released the official audio recording of the 911 call LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend made after the burglary and attack occurred at McCoy’s house.
At the time, Cordon was living in McCoy’s house, which is located in an Atlanta suburb. Cordon believed that the Tuesday home invasion which sent her to the hospital after she was robbed of her jewelry was a “set-up.”

Though some pauses and questions have been edited out of the video, one can still hear Cordon explaining the extent of the burglary, as well as detailing her injuries.

“Someone broke into the house, hit me with a gun, was looking for money and jewelry, and my son is missing,” Cordon said immediately to the 911 dispatcher. When the dispatcher asked if the person was still there, Cordon said that he was not, then added, “I got beat in the face.”

Cordon also said that the burglar kept asking for jewelry, though most of her explanation for what was taken out of the house was omitted from the call, likely for security purposes.

You can listen to call below:

Breaking: #Milton police release official 911 call from Delicia Cordon after attack at LeSean McCoy’s House. (**note: pauses and some questions edited out.**).

— Mike Petchenik (@MPetchenikWSB) July 12, 2018

According to ESPN, police made a note after her 911 call, written at 3:28 AM, which read, “The caller poss[ibly] thinks her ex boyfriend poss[ibly] set her up.”

This is a breaking news post, and will be updated as information is released.

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